Meladerm Review: Hyperpigmentation Lightening Cream

People are always conscious about how they look especially in public. If we get stared at by other people, we hope it’s because we look good and not because we have blemishes on our face.

Acne scars, uneven skin tone, over-exposure from the sun and hyperpigmentation can leave unwanted marks and blemishes on your face. For many, the damaging effects are not just physical. They go through mental and emotional distress as well.

Makeup can provide a short-term solution. However, prolonged use of makeup can likewise damage the skin. Does a long-term solution exist; one that would naturally and permanently remove scars and blemishes on the face?

Meladerm could be the answer you are looking for.

Meladerm is skin whitening cream formulated to clear out skin affected by hyperpigmentation, uneven tone and acne scars. We have taken the time to research what this product is made and if it can deliver results for everyday people.


Before & After Using Meladerm

Meladerm is a skin whitening product that is formulated to improve the appearance of skin damaged by hyperpigmentation, discoloration, scarring and other types of blemishes. The manufacturer of Meladerm claims users can see clear and highly-visible results within a few weeks of consistent application.

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What makes Meladerm stand out from other skin whitening products is that it does not include ingredients that can cause potential harm to your skin. These dangerous ingredients include parabens, hydroquinone, and certain types of steroids that are used to manufacture other products. As a natural product, Meladerm is perfect for those with highly-sensitive skin.

How Can Meladerm Improve Your Skin?

Meladerm works by improving your skin complexion. It minimizes the effects of sun damage and hyperpigmentation thereby giving your skin a brighter glow. Long-term results can be expected with 2 to 3 months of consistent use. However, you should notice positive developments in appearance and skin tone within a few weeks.

What Are The Active Ingredients Of Meladerm?

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As mentioned earlier, Meladerm is made of natural ingredients. Here’s a rundown of these natural ingredients and what they can do to improve your skin’s appearance:

1. Alpha Arbutin – Natural skin whitening ingredient that has been scientifically studied to be more effective than regular arbutin.

2. Tego Cosmo C – A type of protein that has been studied to have the ability to even out skin colour.

3. Kojic Acid – Popularly used natural substance in Asia with research-backed evidence that shows it can remove age-related blemishes and improve uneven skin pigmentation.

4. Gigawhite – A natural ingredient that can lighten your skin much like what hydroquinone does but without the rashes and other side effects.

The manufacturer of Meladerm, Civant, also used the following natural ingredients: licorice extract, vitamin B3 (niacinamide), mulberry extract, and bearberry extract.

The ingredients that go into Meladerm have been studied and formulated to give you the best results. Civant maintains you can see good results within a few weeks of using Meladerm as long as you strictly follow its instructions.

Real Testimonies From Real People: “Did Meladerm Work For You?”

Testimonies are powerful evidence especially when they come from real people. They have nothing to gain except their self-confidence. Let’s take for example the case of Ghavrie who never imagined she could have clear skin in her lifetime. Then she came across Meladerm skin whitening cream.

“I’ve been using Meladerm for the longest time. I now have perfect skin and have no need to use makeup. Since using Meladerm, my skin tone has become even without noticeable dark spots and blemishes. I told my friends and family about it. Meladerm is a great product. When you use it, you will see results right away.”

– Ghavrie; Meladerm satisfied customer

Meladerm also works wonders for all skin tones. Take for example the case of A.S. who has darker skin tone:

“Since I started using Meladerm, my skin is now free of blemishes. I have a nice, smooth, and glowing complexion. If you want the same results as I, buy this product! I have told my friends and family about Meladerm and they can’t wait to try it for themselves. Just follow the instructions and wait for the results. You will see clearer and better skin within a few weeks.”

– A.S.; Meladerm satisfied customer

Does Meladerm Have Side Effects I Should Know About?

Despite being a 100% natural product, the manufacturer Civant, suggests that you see your dermatologist first before using Meladerm. Although Meladerm is safe, you should always check if your skin is sensitive to certain types of natural ingredients.

Civant believes that is a small probability of a user having side effects from using Meladerm. They caution that you may experience some mild redness or darkening when you use their product for the first time. This is because your skin is still adjusting to the ingredients of Meladerm. Any redness or darkening will only last a few days.

You can test the product by applying it on a well-covered spot on your body before using Meladerm on your facial blemishes.

Please be advised that Meladerm is intended for use only on the facial skin, hands and your arms. Civant warns not to apply Meladerm to the more intimate areas of your body. Do you want to lighten the skin tone of your private areas? Click here.

Where Can You Buy Meladerm?

You can buy Meladerm directly from Civant Skin Care’s website. By buying Meladerm directly from the manufacturer you can be assured of getting top-quality product. There will also be no risk of the product being fake or expired.

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Civant has included a guarantee to return your money after 30 days if you are not satisfied with Meladerm. If you are not satisfied with the product or have not seen visible results, simply return the product. No questions asked!

However, Civant wants to make it very clear that results will vary. Some people will have more difficult skin conditions to treat and should not expect immediate results.

The Verdict: Should You Buy Meladerm?

Yes! The response to Meladerm has been overwhelmingly positive. Many report they are seeing great results and have skin tone similar to what they had before becoming teenagers.

Meladerm is a popularly recommended product. It has given real results to real people. Best of all, it is made of all-natural ingredients that will not harm your skin. Having a guarantee from Civant to return your money makes Meladerm a risk-free investment to have blemish-free, radiant skin.