Nipple Bleaching: Best Lightening & Brightening Creams

Intimate area whitening is getting more and more popular these days. So it is not surprising that even the nipples were not spared from this beauty enhancement trend. Nowadays, nipple bleaching is a usual part of a woman’s regular beauty regimen.
The desired effect here is not to whiten the naturally dark areola. Women just want to lighten the tone of their nipples back to how it looked when they were younger.

When this beauty enhancement trend spiked in popularity, manufacturers developed intimate area whitening products to meet the increasing demand. These products are created for easy application and can be done within the confines of one’s home.
A trip to a spa or beauty clinic is no longer necessary for women who want their dark nipples bleached.

Many women prefer the DIY method because they would rather be discreet about intimate area whitening than openly discuss it with others. It is by nature that women keep their lips sealed when it comes to their beauty secrets.

For your reference, you will find below a list of our top rated products. Go over our product reviews to help you choose the nipple brightening cream you will use.

Our Best Rated Nipple Brightening Products

The areola and the skin surrounding it are very sensitive. Applying creams with harmful irritants might lead to irreversible damage.

You must be very careful in choosing your nipple brightening cream. Take your time in reviewing the ingredients before making a purchase.

Avoid nipple brightening creams containing the following ingredients:

Hydroquinone – FDA has recommended the banning of products which contain Hydroquinone after it has been found to cause cancer and skin irritations.

Mercury – Known adverse reactions to Mercury laden products are skin burns, discolorations and rashes. Absorption thru the skin after prolonged use can lead to gastroenteritis and kidney damage.

Parabens- This synthetic compound has been found to disrupt hormonal function and cause breast cancer.

Opt to use the following natural ingredients & lighten skin without harsh side effects:

• Kojic Acid–This is a natural compound derived from fungi.

• Alpha Arbutin – This is a safer alternative to Hydroquinone. It is derived from Bearberry and Dockweed.

• Alpha Hydroxy Acids –These acids can be found in different foods and is written as “AHA” on a beauty product’s list of ingredients.

• Vitamin C – This is a natural antioxidant. It has been linked to increase production of collagen, a protein that improves skin elasticity and firmness.

Intimate area whitening products abound in the market to meet the increasing demand of women who prefer to conduct their beauty routines privately.

Fortunately, these products can be discreetly purchased online and delivered to your doorstep. Take note though that intimate area whitening creams containing banned ingredients are still being sold online.
You have to practice caution so you won’t subject your intimate areas to possible adverse reactions and your money do not go to waste.