Skin lightening cream: how to Lighten, Bleach & Whiten your Complexion

Intimate areas are highly prone to skin discoloration. It can be caused by friction, harsh chemicals, aging or poor hygiene. People are very discreet when it comes to bleaching intimate areas and would rather go online to research than ask doctors about intimate area whitening. Some doctors recommend skin lightening serum in some cases.


Sensitivity of skin

Despite the sensitivity of this issue, this practice has gained tremendous popularity among men and women of this generation. So, don’t be embarrassed anymore because intimate area whitening is just as common as getting a Brazilian wax done nowadays.

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Although intimate areas are hidden from plain view, more and more people desire to achieve brighter, smoother and even tone complexion all over their bodies. Thus, the demand for intimate area whitening products has risen.

Darker complexion

Darkened skin is unsightly so many whitening products have been formulated. However, one must use the right kind of products to achieve desired results without harmful side effects.

Use of Hydroquinone in creams

We have carefully selected the top intimate area whitening creams in the market for your reference. Products like amaira are Hydroquinone free, making it safe to use on inner thighs, underarms, nipples, vaginal area, anus, scrotum and penis.

Among the known side effects of Hydroquinone are experiencing a burning sensation, appearance of rashness and skin dryness.

how to lighten intimate areas

What you Need to know before Lightening your Intimate Areas

The steady rise in sales of intimate area bleaching products affirms its growing popularity. People of all ages, genders and professions have included this beauty enhancement procedure in their daily routines.

Companies who produce these beauty products are always working to improve their current line- up and even include more variety to cater to the needs of their target consumers.

Its not bleach!

Intimate area brightening creams have been introduced in the market as alternatives to bleaching creams. Some bleaching product contain chemicals that cause side effects while brightening products contain milder ingredients making it safer to apply on the nipples, underarms and genital areas.

How effective are these topical brightening creams? Intimate area brightening cream can even-out the appearance of your skin tone giving it a more luminous look. These are also formulated with ingredients that can help diminish dark spots and discolorations on the skin. Always remember to follow directions as indicated on the product label.

Varying results for discoloration

However, results may vary from one user to the next as the causes of discoloration differ. Some manufacturers claim you can see results as early as four weeks while it may take longer for some.

Are these products safe to use? While intimate area bleaching creams come with a list of potential side effects, intimate area brightening creams can provide a higher degree of safety.

Regardless, if you feel any type of discomfort, notice the appearance of rashes, redness or experience a burning sensation, discontinue its use right away and see your doctor for treatment.

Feel free to check out our product line-up and order the ones that appeal most to you.

What is Private Parts & Intimate area Bleaching?

what is anal lightening

This skin lightening procedure was initiated by adult-movie actors who had to bleach their anus to achieve a 100% flawless complexion onscreen. Today, it’s not just the entertainers in the adult industry that undergo this treatment.

One reason is because the ingredients are supposedly not harmful to the skin. These days, people do not only go to the spa to get a Brazilian wax, they also undergo anal bleaching in order to be spotless.

Do you really need to whiten back there? It’s a matter of preference really. If you are one of the people who want to be even toned all over, just make sure you select the best and safest product for your skin. There is no doubt though that anal bleaching has become mainstream. Your skin may get scarred, burnt or irritated when you use the wrong kind of cream.

Vaginal bleach: whitening your labia and vagina area

Skin discoloration in the vaginal area is common. It is normal for the labia and the skin surrounding the vagina to be darker than the rest of the body. Friction, shaving, hormonal imbalance and aging are the common culprits. Women want their bikini area to be evenly toned not only during summer but all year round.

Vaginal bleaching creams are easy to use and can be done without the assistance of other people. Since this area is very sensitive, you have to diligently review the contents of intimate area whitening product before purchasing. Choose the ones that do not contain ingredients which cause irritations.

Penis bleaching: male member whitening

Penis bleaching is quite a rarity among men but there are some who are especially concerned with their penis appearance. Some men want their penis to have the same skin tone as the rest of their bodies.

There are plenty of penis bleaching products available in the market. However, some contain harmful chemicals such as Hydroquinone which can cause pain and damage.

It is advisable to use products with mild or natural ingredients to avoid irritations and are actively promoted for penis bleaching. For men who prefer to keep this confidential, it would be best to purchase Intimate area whitening products online. Purchases made through our listed sites require no prescription.

Scrotum bleaching: get a whiter ball sack

Scrotum bleaching is a sensitive topic for the male population. Not too many men openly discuss this but many seek this treatment nowadays.

It is no longer surprising for men to search for whitening products rather than bleaching products specially designed for sensitive areas like the scrotum. Some men want to lighten the color of their skin in this area to achieve an even tone all over their bodies.

For those who still find it awkward to approach professionals regarding this matter, you can opt to purchase safe and effective whitening products online. Purchased products are guaranteed to be discreetly delivered to your front door.

Lightening dark underarms

Women love to go sleeveless and dark armpits can be a source of insecurity. An act as simple as raising the arms can cause jitters to people who have dark underarms. This shouldn’t be a cause for worry anymore because there are many topical skin whitening products available in the market.

A topical skin whitener can even out the skin tone in your underarm area. These products are inexpensive and easy to apply. In addition to that, results will be visible within weeks.

By regularly using these products, you can raise your arms without fear or insecurity. The best solution to white, evenly colored underarms is just a click away. It can also be used for knees and elbows which also tend to suffer from darkening over time. Check out the product line and the one that appeals the most to you will be delivered to your doorstep.

Nipple bleaching

Nipple bleaching may not sound like a familiar procedure to some people, but it can make a big difference to those who want to try it. There are many products for nipple bleaching and one must be very careful in checking the ingredients before purchasing.

Take note that Hydroquinone is an ingredient that has been discovered to have side effects and should be approached with caution.

It would be safer to use skin brighteners because these products do not have Hydroquinone in their formulation. They are made with natural ingredients and have no risk of damaging side effects. Lightening can be achieved without the use of harmful chemicals or bleaching agents.